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Join us Wednesday Nights @ 7pm for food, fun and fellowship.

We burn for God because His heart burns for us!
So every Wednesday Night we live that out together in a time of worship, games and straight up teaching from the Word of God.

“For Our God is an all consuming fire” Hebrews 12:29

So, what goes on there??

Hey! it aint easy being a teen! So, we get together Wednesday nights to have fun and learn more about who Jesus is and what he is doing in our lives and in the world. Its a time to hang out, learn a little more about God and ask honest questions (and get answers).

We like to start out by getting our minds right and bring praise and worship on by singing and jammin out to all kinds of  different genres of music that praises God.

Many nights follow that by hanging out and we play some kind of hysterical game.
Then one of our out of control  (but wise) youth pastors bring us a word that is God centered and equips us for everyday living in our everyday lives.
Lots of times we just get into asking real questions about faith, God and our day to day lives.

what else do y’all do ?

Well you cant really have all that fun without fueling up the body so we Eat.
Sometimes its pizza, sometimes it tacos, popcorn, chips, sometimes its just fists full of candy being thrown around like confetti!! 

We Pray.

We Play.

We Eat!!!  A LOT.

We also have overnight parties,  go on trips,  go camping, do fundraisers, work around the community  (volunteer hours for school) and mucho, mucho mas …

So, who can hang?

If you are in any grade between 6th grade – 12th then  you are in!
Even if you do not know anything about Jesus or are not a christian, maybe you have questions? Come on down! we want to help any way we can and we LOVE to meet new people.

So come by on a Wednesday Nite at 7 , bring a friend & get fueled up!